Isobar Weekly Inspiration: Issue 1


 Help Find Me turns Australia into one big search engine for missing people

‘Help Find Me’, is a campaign which has been launched by Missing Persons Advocacy Network in Australia by Grey Group. In an effort to widen the search for Australia’s missing, ‘Help Find Me’ leverages the Internet’s most important feature – the search bar, creating an innovative, fast and efficient channel to aid finding a missing person.

The use of high-traffic websites’ search bars donated by corporate Australia is the key to the success of Help Find Me. When a user lands on a participating website and uses the search function on that site, the profile and image of a missing Australian will automatically pop up. A link to the campaign website is included for anyone who may have any information or wants to learn more, and get involved.

Watch the campaign video here



Vittel wants you to get re-Vittel-ised, starting with your couch

Water brand Vittel And Ogilvy Paris have come up with a unique marketing campaign to motivate couch potatoes by using…their couch. The campaign, which is aimed at reducing the time Europeans spend reclining on the couch, transforms a customer’s old sofa into a nifty pair of personalised running trainers. Customers simply upload a photo of their sofa on to Vittel’s website and send in a swatch of the fabric. A team of shoe designers then use this couch fabric to create a unique pair of trainers that are sent out directly to the customer.

You can learn more about the project here:



Virgin Atlantic’s Let It Fly campaign customizes a vacation based on hypothetical items in your bag

Virgin Atlantic’s new campaign aims to put the surprise back into travel. The Let it Fly campaign, by Adam & Eve/DDB is an online interactive platform that allows users to customise the contents of their suitcase and discover their ideal trip based on what they put in their suitcase. Users can choose a number of items, anything from flip flops to hiking boots, a snorkel, theatre tickets or woolly hats.

Once you have selected the best items for your suitcase the platform will then analyse your items and choose your perfect destination. You are then given the opportunity to win a dream holiday to that location.

The Let it Fly experience is further personalized with a curated film of live tweets and images from these local attractions, showing the user the sights, food and experiences they can have there.

Try out Let It Fly here.


Key Observations

  • There are over 3.5 billion Internet searches, on average, every day just on Google. Online search has become a natural extension of human behaviour. Help Find Me taps into this behaviour: if people are searching online everyday, it just feels right to use these searches for a greater good – finding missing people. In the same way that campaigns like Tap Project launched in 2007 by Unicef (which encourages people at restaurants to donate $1 or more for the tap water they usually enjoy for free) recognised the power of small actions, Help Find Me realises that a simple click into the search bar can have a huge impact.


  • Vittel’s campaign is yet another example of the rise of the hyper-personalisation trend. In the last year we’ve seen brands and start-ups push personalisation to the limits. The fact is that today, brands that want to excel need to use technology and innovation to create new types of personalised experiences along the consumer journey to better engage their audiences. Vittel has gone for a fun and unique execution of the trend. Whilst it is hard to imagine that this campaign will drive huge participation levels it should generate significant amounts of PR for the brand.


  • Let It Fly is a further extension of the personalisation trend. It is increasingly critical for brands to innovate in terms of customer experience, value and convenience in exchange for customer data. Virgin aims to do this by adding a layer of fun and tailored content to users looking for holiday inspiration.

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