Isobar Weekly Inspiration: Issue 2

The next generation selfie, the ‘Shoeselfie’


Google has collaborated with Deeplocal and A.S Roma to create a complete 360-degree football experience. A.S Roma wanted to immerse fans in the ultimate experience to create that unique connection between team members and their fan base. In order to do this they used Google’s unique rotating selfie pic technology which took a series of “shoeselfies” of each player prior to them taking the pitch against Juventus on March 2nd. The event was streamed live on YouTube with footage of the team on the bus as it drove to the game, live drone footage available online, and some footage of the team as they took their shoeselfies. A.S Roma’s main website also has a fan club action that provides free access to team Google Hangouts and live drone feeds from the games. Fans could also hashtag #Roma360 on twitter to see what players and other fans were talking about. The team took advantage of this unique campaign as captain Francesco Totti used his ‘shoeselfie’ to give fans an exclusive first look at his new limited-edition Nike boots. At the time of writing, the Totti ‘shoeselfie’ video has been viewed an incredible 3,840,391 times!

You can read more about the campaign here.

 Amazon is creating the ultimate delivery service with trucks that print on the go


Amazon have slowly been building up a range of products and services that are set to change the way we live (think Amazon Echo) and now they have gone one stage further with their delivery service, creating 3D printing on the go. This unique service would be an automated process designed to 3D print and deliver the customers ordered products. Using pre-packaged digital instructions for printing each item, Amazon’s proposed system could manufacture a product upon request and get the item into a customer’s hands within hours. Currently the idea is at the patent stage but it might not be long before you see an Amazon truck printing on the go to you!

Click here to find out more about the Amazon truck.


The new smart bracelet has arrived and it has infinite changeable designs


LIBER8 Technology, a unique technology brand have created Tago Arc , the ultimate piece of wearable technology with a cuff bracelet and an E ink surface, which syncs with the user’s smartphone to display any black and white design the wearer desires. Tago Arc uses NFC and E Ink technology, which syncs with the user’s smartphone to display any black and white design the wearer desires. Decorative designs can be purchased and downloaded from the Tago Arc app and you can even create your own patterns. Users simply select their desired design, place their smartphone on their bracelet and tap the transfer button on the app. The image will appear almost immediately. Then, the wearer can show off the design, changing it to suit their mood, outfit or occasion.

You can learn more about the project here.


Key Observations

  • “Shoeselfie” gives us an idea of what could actually be the future of sport (or rather, live events in general) broadcasting: a completely immersive and personalised experience that gives access to exclusive content. The fact is that content strategies need to be increasingly engaging, informative and fun in order to build market identity and guarantee cut-through. As online ecosystems become richer, as brands continue to generate more and more content (69% of brands recently reported creating more content year-on-year, according to The Guardian) and as readers move seamlessly across different streams of content and platforms, companies need to be increasingly instinctive, dynamic and creative.
  • Amazon is constantly looking to expand its brands positioning as the world’s most customer centric brand. 3D printing on the go is an innovative use of new technologies to deliver on this brand promise by getting orders to consumers faster. Amazon has a flair for proposing unusual delivery models. Last year, the company kicked around the idea of unmanned drone delivery vehicles, though the FAA killed the idea. So we will have to wait and see if 3D printing goes through.
  • A few years ago, wearables were a niche product. Today, wearables are everywhere. Tago Arc is yet another idea that combines the wearable craze with the trend in personalisation. The idea of smart jewellery has been explored by other start-ups in recent years (Ringly, Kovert or Mota to name a few), however Tago has really taken personalisation a step further.

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