Isobar Weekly Inspiration: Issue 3

Amazon Dash Makes Ordering Household Products Even Easier


When Amazon launched the Amazon Dash Button on March 31st, many commentators assumed it was an April Fool’s prank. Physical “Buy Now” buttons for all your favourite brands, conveniently located around your home and synched to your Amazon Prime account to enable one click ordering whenever you open the fridge or unload the washing machine seemed like an obvious-if well executed-gag. The reality is an extraordinary-and audacious-play for Amazon to seize control of the grocery shopping experience by building the most effortless, frictionless experience possible.

The small, plastic buttons are wired to the Amazon Prime smartphone app, which allows users stock up on products such as Tide, Huggies and other packaged goods at the touch of a button. It’s another example of what we at Isobar call Brand Commerce-the seamless blurring of the boundaries between on-line and off-line retail experiences.

Watch the launch ad here


Gudog schedules pet sitters straight from your phone


Now here really is an Uber for everything. Known as the “Uber for dogs,” Spanish startup Gudog is an app which helps you find dog sitters in your area. The app connects users to experienced dog sitters, who offer to house and care for pets in their homes for a daily fee. Dog owners can browse through different sitter profiles and choose one that matches their location, preferences and price point.

Gudog’s mobile app release takes the service one step further, offering a simpler user interface and secure mobile booking and payment options. The app also allows for more spontaneous and convenient interactions for owner, dog and sitter!

By simplifying the pet sitter booking process, Gudog positions itself as the go-to option for last-minute pet care. Click here to watch the ad.


Electric bikes that recharge wirelessly


Japanese electronics company Bellnix have partnered with researchers from the Saitama University in Japan to create an electric bike that recharges wirelessly.

They’ve used a wireless power transmission technology and a power-receiving coil which is attached to the side of the front wheel. Five and a half hours are needed to fully recharge the bike. Once it’s done, the bike can travel for 55 kilometres.

In Japan, electric cars and scooters are very popular, especially among tourists. Bellnix and the Saitama University hope their new system will allow people to enjoy an eco-friendly and convenient ride at the same time.

Key Observations

  • Amazon Dash is yet another extension of today’s smart-home technology evolution in which tweeting from your fridge or activating your thermostat on the go is becoming the norm. Building on Amazon’s one-click ordering proposition online and its foray into effortless real world interfaces with Amazon Echo, it represents a significant bid for Amazon to maximise its share of an even greater range of shopping occasions by making it as easy and effortless to shop with Amazon offline as it is online.
  • Apps such as Uber, Google Now and even Tinder have transformed our expectation of user experience. Our default expectation is of instant access to relevant services and information at the touch of a button. Gudog has applied this model to the world of petcare by taking away the pain of trying to find a dog sitter/kennel that matches your location, price point and care expectations.
  • Our relationship with cars and transportation is being reshaped by connected technologies, increasing fuel prices and greater environmental consciousness. Companies like Ubitricity, Gogoro, or even Google with their Driverless Car, are heavily investing in the future of travel, making electric cars and scooters an attractive and convenient proposition. With this project, Bellnix is likely to raise brand awareness by making an already desired solution more accessible and it is likely to reinforce its brand positioning as a pioneer in creative technologies.

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