Isobar Weekly Inspiration: Issue 5

Google’s interactive tour lets you go ‘Inside Abbey Road’


Abbey Road Studios is one of the most famous recording venues in the world, where artists such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson produced some of their most influential tracks and albums.

Despite its heritage, the studio isn’t open to the public, which means few outside of the music industry have seen what it actually looks like inside. Google is answering the call with a Street View-style online exhibit called “Inside Abbey Road.”

One hundred and fifty panoramic images have been stitched together to recreate the three main recording studios and mastering suite. The space is littered with photos and videos as well as guided audio tours and interactive mini-games based on classic recording equipment.

Watch the launch video here and to experiment it go here


The Reebok Subway Pump Battle

reebok-subwayreebokWorking off the insight that people spend too much time sitting and not enough time exercising (74 percent of Korean office workers admitted to a lack of exercise in a survey), Reebok came up with a way to encourage commuters to work out while waiting for the subway. They installed a game in the subway, the “Subway Pump Battle,” in which two opponents are chosen and encouraged to participate.

They then race to see who can press the most pump buttons in the time allowed. It’s a clever way to encourage people to get some exercise at a time of day when they otherwise would be sitting.

In addition to the game and accompanying video, other campaign elements includes social media activations on Facebook and Instagram, as well as an online event.

The stunt is part of the “Get moving #GetPumped” campaign

You can know more about the campaign here:


 Virtually wed with Ikea

ikea-weddingikea-wedding-settingOrganising a wedding can be time consuming, complicated and expensive. IKEA has eliminated this issue by creating an online wedding service which means your wedding is only a click away.

The service will enable couples to get married virtually and share their special day with people around the world. The service has been created to provide an easy and inexpensive way for those in love to get married.

They can still personalise it by choosing the background destination of their dreams and invite as many friends and family as they like no matter where they are in the world via the video link. This would be especially useful if relatives or friends are spread far and wide and it would be difficult to get them all together in one place to celebrate a marriage. Once the destination has been chosen IKEA’s website lets into their Facebook account to invite friends and families, who can turn on their webcams to join the ceremony and watch them get married.

You can find out more about the service here.


Key Observations

 Google’s “Inside Abbey Road” is idea is brilliant because it is:

  •  An amazing use of technology: Google has used its platform to its fullest potential to bring people closer to culture.
  • Inclusive: Google is opening the doors of Abbey Road Studios to anyone in the world that wants to take a peak. It’s a tool which help users see and experience things they would never had access otherwise.
  • Educational and fun: it’s like an annotated version of Google Street View.
  • Beautiful: Visually the experience is quite stunning.

Reebok is in the process of recrafting itself as a fitness brand (rather than just a shoe brand). In this context, the brand’s new positioning, “Be more Human” is a message calling for people to get out and move their body. With this campaign Reebok Korea has managed to leverage a consumer insight (people feel they could exercise a bit more) to build a brand experience that drives engagement and resonates with its new brand positioning.

IKEA is a brand that is centred around the home and bringing families together. They have thought about how they can do this in a truly unique way by literally bringing two people together through marriage. It is a slightly offbeat service, which will definitely get people talking as well as capitalising on a customer base of newly married couples who are potentially looking to move into a new home together and furnish their home.

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