Isobar Weekly Inspiration: Issue 6

The Face of Litter


Littering and excess waste is an ongoing problem that needs to be faced, once and for all. Taking this statement literally, the Hong Kong Cleanup used DNA phenotyping to put a face to litterbugs. The campaign can be seen around the city, warning people not to litter, at the risk of becoming the next face of the campaign.


Watch the campaign video here.

Searching Loch Ness with Google Maps


You can now hunt the Loch Ness monster from your couch. 81 years after the only and controversial picture of the creature was taken, Google is helping out with the search. Google Maps, leveraging their Street View camera technology, just released new 360-degree imagery of Loch Ness. Google worked with the Caitlin Seaview Survey to produce an explorative map of the 800-foot-deep Scottish lake. It also worked with Adrian Shine, leader of the Loch Ness and Morar Project, who claims to have personally collected more than 1,000 sightings of Nessie.

You can know more about the campaign here.


Heineken uses the power of social media to speak to consumers


Heineken, sponsors of the European Rugby Champions Cup (formerly Heineken Cup) have created the ultimate online campaign and prank set to stitch up rugby fans.

The story begins with a tweet of an image from the set of a new commercial featuring the infamous Neil Back, known to Irish rugby fans as the man that illegally used his hand in the dying moments of the 2002 Heineken Cup final. The image also appeared to display Neil’s phone number. This was rapidly picked up by online media and circulated to the public at large, resulting in countless calls and texts, no doubt reminding Neil of his past offence.

After letting social media do its work, stage two of the campaign was to call back these participants, pretending to be Neil’s personal assistant. Under the impression that, in the confusion of the leak, Back’s PA had mixed their number up with a journalist and offered them the chance to collect complimentary tickets for the Champion’s Cup. All they had to do was turn up at a local hotel and give their name. Stage three is where the fans were unsuspectingly thrown into a press conference with the man they had previously insulted. Under the pressure, would they be able to #runwithit?

You can view the campaign in action here.

Key Observations

  • As technology continues to develop and become more readily available, it gives brands the means by which to evolve messaging and really have a go at changing behaviour. Face of Litter is precisely that: an experiment to create social change and get people to think twice about littering. The innovative use of technology and the obvious privacy/legal concerns have already given a lot to talk and generated a great deal of online buzz.
  • The list of things you can do in Google Maps grows ever longer and more inventive. Google Maps is expanding its positioning as a maps tool to something bigger. Through digital innovation Google Maps can now show you beyond just the streets. It can take you down into the unknown, to places you will never venture to and places you would never have access to. Moving from search to bigger concepts such as discovery, inspiration and accessibility.
  • Heineken has used the power of digital to raise awareness and create online buzz in a unique and fun way. They knew that if they were to post Back’s phone number that the social world would kick off and do the work for them by escalating the tweet. It’s a savvy way to use the power of social media to amplify the impact of their campaign.

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