Isobar Weekly Inspiration: Issue 7

Twitter launches @TwitterFood

5-twitterAfter launching @TwitterSports and @TwitterMusic, Twitter has now launched @TwitterFood, a dedicated account that goes through the myriad of food-related tweets shared on the social network and offers up a curated selection of hand-picked missives from heavyweights in the field, including Martha Stewart and Alton Brown, as well as choice posts from the general public.

You can know more about this Twitter account here.


Boomf makes your Instagram photos edible


Boomf, a UK-based company, charges £12 (about $19) for a box of nine marshmallows, each emblazoned with an image that you select from your own Instagram library using a simple web app. Despite the resolution not being “Retina display” The Next Web confirms that the marshmallows do taste “exactly like marshmallows.

Users log into the website using their Instagram account and select the images they want printed. For UK residents, the box of custom marshmallows is delivered within 2-3 business days but for others around the world it takes from 2-3 weeks.

You can find out more about the brand here.


Connecting the online and offline world with digital shopping lists


Australian company Booodl has created a unique shopping experience through a smartphone app which allows users to create their own digital shopping list when items are nearby.

To start with, users create their list online by adding ‘wants’. Then, when they are out and about the app then notifies them when one of their ‘wants’ is stocked in a shop nearby. The user can then get directions to the shop, message the store or even order an Uber to the location, all within the app. Booodl is currently available in Sydney where there are already over 1,400 stores onboard but they plan to expand to other cities in the near future.

You can find out more about Booodl here.


Key Observations

  • Twitter needs to expand its appeal in order to find a new and more general audience. While the network has a strong base of die-hard users, it’s still struggling to gain a foothold in the broader market. Onboarding remains one of the biggest challenges facing Twitter in terms of growth; curated feeds like Twitter Food offer one-stop shopping for new users, giving them a collection of high-quality content relevant to their needs from which they can retweet and find new follows to fill their timeline.
  • Instagram took over the world by recreating the slow, analogue process of instant photography in convenient, retro-filtered digital form. Since then, a ton of start ups have gravitated around the social media platform, turning Instagram photos physical, from mini photobooks, canvas prints to even Polaroid-branded cameras. Boomf is interesting because the company is capitalising on the trend of turning digital experiences into physical ones and with that targeting a much younger audience.
  • More brands are using omni-channel retail to maximise their sales and Australian company Booodl has capitalised on this by creating an app that helps consumers get the most out of their physical shopping trips by connecting the online and offline worlds. Similarly products such as the Amazon’s Dash button have created an effortless consumer experience by breaking down barriers between digital and physical retail environments.


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