Isobar Weekly Inspiration: Issue 8

Heineken takes pedestrians on a unique mission


The Heineken Experience in Amsterdam attracted over 730,000 people last year and this year they have created an even more unexpected way to attract more visitors through its doors. All around the city Heineken visibly left out bottles that had been fitted with a GPS system, so that, when picked up by passers-by, lead the unsuspecting holder to the Heineken Experience. The GPS bottles have a built-in compass mechanism meaning that the bottle vibrates once the visitor starts moving. The cap also lights up and pivots to point out the route to follow, with all routes leading to the Heineken Experience!


You can watch the bottle in action here.


The e-book, which adapts itself to the city you’re visiting


Smiles, the Brazilian loyalty program brand, have created Trip Book Smiles, a dedicated e-reader that contains a story with content that changes depending on where users read it. The Trip Book, which may be updated with new stories in the future, is being distributed to 100 Smiles customers who have itineraries that will take them to the book’s various locales.


You can find out more about this e-book here.
Volkswagen: The Reduce Speed Dial


Volkswagen New Zealand recently launched “The Reduce Speed Dial”. The campaign calls out a number of families in New Zealand, and empowers their children to create the visuals seen on the speed-dial in each Volkswagen, hand-crafting the design of each number along with special messages that can be seen while driving.

It’s all part of an experiment to reduce speeding and aims to disrupt behaviour at this critical moment. Each family had a replacement panel for the speedometer.

Volkswagen followed all of the clarity and safety restrictions of a standard speedometer, but the dial was personally hand written by a loved one.

This simple, personal device aims to remind drivers what they have to live for at the exact moment they consider speeding. You can read more here.


Key Observations

Heineken are a company that is famous for their inventiveness. Implementing this innovative technology not only ensures a fun user experience but also enhances it. They are using technology to bring value to the customer experience and not just using technology for the sake of it. The technology allows people to interact, create memories and build a close affinity with the brand.

eBooks are clearly popular. With print revenues dropping 5 percent to £2.7 billion and ebook revenues rising by 11 percent to £563 million, it make sense for brands to capitalise on this growth. What’s interesting about Trip Book Smiles is that it taps both into the rise in popularity of ebooks and the rise in geo-located services and products, bringing two trends into a single, innovative product. Travel rewards programs don’t exactly scream “creativity” however, Smiles has found a way to come up with a ground-breaking tech-driven idea.

No matter how much automotive brands invest in R&D to improve car safety, safety ratings don’t change driver behaviour. Dangerous decisions on the road occur due to momentary lapses in judgment. Our rational, responsible selves take a backseat to the irrational person racing to a meeting, or overtaking a frustratingly slow driver.

This is why this Volkswagen’s campaign is so interesting – it is precisely targeted at our irrational selves, or rather, at our emotional selves. Having a simple reminder from a loved one in front us at the exact moment when you are thinking about speeding is a brilliant way to make people think about everything and everyone they have to live for.


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