Isobar Weekly Inspiration: Issue 12

Post-it Creates a Banner Ad You May Actually Like

12 post it

Everybody knows how annoying re-targeting ads can be. Based on this insight, Post-It has reinvented the ad technology that chases you around the internet and launched a banner that allows you to replace re-targeting ads with your own Post-it notes. People can manage their post-it notes and their preferences through a website.

The service is only available on Russian websites now, but it may go around the world if it catches enough fire.

You can know more about the Post-it hack here

Fashion Brand Targets Digital Savvy Shoppers With Street-View-Powered Mobile App

12 fashionTo drive awareness during Shanghai Fashion Week, youth urban fashion brand Me & City launched a campaign it called #FashionStreetView. The brand worked with China’s Tencent Maps to create a customized, street-view-powered mobile app that highlighted Me & City’s fashion off the catwalk and in a more realistic setting, the street. Users of the app are able to check out the clothing in real world settings and buy what they like directly within the app.

You can learn more about this campaign here.


Discovering a city through sound

12 sounds2

Thalys the railway operator that runs between Paris and Brussels has found an inventive way of encouraging people to travel more on their network by letting the Thayls destinations speak for themselves. They captured thousands of sounds from chips frying to people singing across cities including Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam and turned them into billboards. Each of these billboards had over 1000 sounds and each sound had a unique headphone jack that when headphones were plugged in people could hear sounds from that point in the city. Archive sounds were featured as well to give people a sense of history and nostalgia from that city, allowing people to start exploring a city before they got on a train.

You can view the campaign in action here.

Key Observations

  • Post-it has decided to use this behavioural retargeting technology for something that you purposely stick in front of your eyes – reminders. Using cookies and scripts, they have come up with these brilliant banners that are actually practical, reminders that actually offer some added-value.
  • #FashionStreetView is a brilliant idea because it effectively uses digital technologies to raise awareness. It is a great way to bring fashion to a broader, younger and more inclusive audience. And in fact, results speak for themselves, the brand claims that the app achieved 20 millions views which is 800 times the size of the audience reached by Shanghai Fashion Week.
  • Reaching out to potential customers is becoming harder with consumers being constantly bombarded with even more eye catching visuals from companies wanting them to use their products or services. Instead of doing a classic flashy billboard showing visitors what they could see should they go to that city Thalys used sounds to allow people to use their own imaginations and generate even more excitement to see the sights they might be interested in.

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