Isobar Weekly Inspiration Issue 13

Vitality Creates a Smart Sunscreen Bottle

13 sun

Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, so to help protect people from the sun, Vitality brands has created the “ReApply Reminder” A Smart Sunscreen Bottle and iOS app designed to save lives by pro-actively reminding people when to ReApply Sunscreen.

Powered by Bluetooth technology in the lid, the bottle syncs with an iOS app, and automatically triggers the ReApply Reminder countdown from the moment a user applies sunscreen. The app then dynamically adjusts the recommended ReApply time, based on an algorithm that processes the live Weather, Location and UV Index Rating data to trigger “reminder” notifications designed to remind people to ReApply sunscreen before they get burnt.13 sun2

To watch the campaign video click here.


Turning News Into Social Good

13 ideal impact

Ideal Impact is the first news-based social impact app that captures that moment of inspiration, frustration or motivation when you come across a news story and just want to help but you don’t know where to start.

Their algorithm can take any news story, identify the social issues, and then connect you with the latest volunteer, donation, advocacy and employment needs related to that issue.

As the CEO, Mr Kamanda, understands:

“You may have never thought about homelessness before, but our guess is at some point you’re going to read an article that moves you, that inspires you, and when that happens we want to be there to channel that energy to capture that moment of inspiration.”

There is a human urge to do something with the information we’ve been given. Ideal Impact was created to channel your unique contribution – that combination of time, talent, and energy that only you can provide. This is what gives us purpose. It’s how we find our Ideal Impact.”

The app is currently in beta. It was launched on Indiegogo and reached its goal in only two weeks.

You can know more about the company here.


Plugin helps local bookstores steal customers back from Amazon

 13 amazon

In the UK there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of independent bookstores due to competition with supermarkets, ebooks and online stores like Amazon.

Bookindly is a Chrome plugin powered by Hive that aims to fight back against mega online stores by telling customers the best book price from their local store. Booklindly was created in an attempt to encourage book buyers to shop locally, by making the experience just as convenient as using the e-commerce giant. To use, customers simply download Bookindy and allow it to use their location. The next time they are browsing Amazon an additional option will appear beside Amazon’s prices, showing the best deal locally.

Key Observations

  • Increased access to information is making people more aware of the need to protect your skin from the sun. Capitalising on that merge between the physical and digital, Vitality has effectively come up with an easy, relevant and dynamic way to remind people to protect against the sun. Through the use of technology and innovation and a smart use of data, the brand has been able to bring usefulness to its customers.
  • People are increasingly looking for brands that allow them to make a difference, to be a “good citizen”. The sharing economy, the aftermath of the financial crisis or even the fact that technology has given people access to more information has encouraged people to become better, to share, to help out. But helping out can be overwhelming sometimes: there’s too many choices, too many causes to support. Ideal Impact is interesting because it solves the decision hassle for potential donors, making it easier for people to choose an organisation.
  • Online giants like Amazon have such low prices and seamless user experience that it is difficult for local businesses to compete. However Bookindly simulates the convenience of Amazon by allowing customers to have their purchase delivered at a low cost while at the same time encouraging customers to support small, local business.

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