Isobar Weekly Inspiration Issue 14

Ikea ‘Sponsors’ First Wireless Bungee Jump

14 ikea wireless

IKEA Belgium has found a unique way to showcase their new wireless charging collection by creating a “mockumentary,” in which we follow the story of a “wireless” bungee jumper. The clever ad shows the jumper getting prepared and set up for the jump wearing a magnetic suit, the theory behind it is that as the magnets repel each other the jumper’s suit will repel him from the giant magnets on the ground, creating the very first “wireless” bungee jump! In theory it could even be possible according to physics experts. However it becomes clear it is just a big ruse to advertise IKEA’s new wireless range, which simply allows you to place your device on the wireless charger that is also beautifully built into IKEA’s furniture and it will charge. Simple as that.

14 ikeaWatch the jump here.


Hershey’s makes your everyday moments better with “HappyGrams”

14 hersheys

HERSHEY’S Philippines has launched a campaign that invites its fans to join HERSHEY’S Happygrams: a fun and exciting social media campaign that promises to do what its famous chocolates do best: to make our everyday moments better.

Launching on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, HERSHEY’S uses real-time marketing to identify the ups and downs of our everyday moments and then responds with Happygrams – fun and delightful messages written on the iconic HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate bars.

According to Paolo Gonzales, Head of Marketing Asia South for HERSHEY:

“HERSHEY has always been about brightening people’s day. This is the brand’s first digital campaign in Asia South and lets us make everyday moments better. The use of social media provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with the millions of Filipinos who love HERSHEY and brings to life the brand promise in a delightful new way.”

Visit the campaign website here.


Emoji turns real

14 emoji

Vi Agroforestry is a Swedish charity organisation that fights poverty and tries to improve the environment through tree planting. They have recently launched a campaign to help raise funds in an innovative and relevant way.

The campaign, which has been launched via social media and promoted with digital billboards in Stockholm, allows users to make donations to the charity by texting a tree emoji.

For each tree a user texts, up to 25 per message, they donate two dollars to the charity, or about what it takes to plant one tree in eastern Africa. The trees the charity plants are then used to fight poverty and starvation in the region. This method allows for users who speak different languages to easily donate in the fastest way possible (rather than using complicated SRS codes usually associated with such donations). That the emoji is also tied to a measurable effect of the donation (one emoji tree = one real tree) is a nice added bonus.

Find more about this campaign here.


Key Observations

  • IKEA aims to make life easier for customers by making the furniture as easy and ready-to-assemble as possible, with the wireless range they have also sought to do this by eliminating the wires and making it no fuss for customers. They have seamlessly integrated what they are known for, furniture with what they aren’t known for, technology and therefore potentially also reached out to a new audience.
  • Delivering on the brand promise is one of the key factors that contribute to drive brand value perception. HERSHEY’s is all about “bringing goodness to the world” and therefore, it makes sense for them to extend on this brand promise through digital platforms. Little things like contextualised and relevant message can certainly make a difference (and bring goodness to your day).
  • As currency becomes increasingly virtualised, it makes sense for charities to start tapping into new and more relevant mechanics that enhance donations. Emojis have become a natural means of communications, taking over social media and effectively becoming a universal language. It makes sense then, for brands to leverage the popularity of Emojis in order to become more relevant.
  • Brands have started using emojis to allow users to order pizza or to raise awareness of endangered species amongst others. It is always good to see emojis being used for the social good 1_emoji2

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