Isobar Weekly Inspiration Issue 15

Turning Physical Activity Into Chocolates15 chocolate

In Australia, Execution Game Lab created EdiPulse, a wearable device that enables chocolates to be printed according to physical activity.

In order to obtain the tangible chocolate reward, you’ll need to wear a wristband with a heart monitor that will track your heart rate throughout the day. The monitor measures heartbeats per minute and sends this information through a mobile application. The chocolate design changes according to the workout intensity. A slow heart rate will get you a sad face but a higher activity can give you an encouraging message. The harder you work, the thicker the chocolate is. Welcome to a tasty reward system!15 chocolate2

But isn’t this machine a bit pointless? The man behind the idea, Rohit Ashok Khot, doesn’t think so. He explains on his website: “Ultimately, with this work, we aim to inspire and guide design thinking on food printing.”

You can have a look at his interview here.

Stressed commuters are given the chance to escape the city 15 train

Commuters at a train station in Zürich were recently given a chance to win a Swiss Mountain break by interacting with a billboard. Passers-by at the station were in for shock when what they thought was a standard billboard was actually a man live on video chat from a Swiss mountain region. The man greeted passengers and encouraged them to approach him for a conversation. Those who stopped to talk to the man in the mountain were rewarded with a free train ticket for an afternoon trip to Graubünden, which brands itself as “Switzerland’s number-one holiday destination.” The end of the advertisement shows the whole group of passengers congregating with the man in Vrin through the interactive billboard.

Watch the campaign here.


Crunchy sounds

15 crunchie sounds

Earlier this summer, a video showing a tortilla on a record player playing the “Mexican Hat Song” hit the Internet.

One YouTube user took this idea and made it a little more real, baking a musical tortilla that actually does work on a record player. By etching grooves onto tortillas with a laser cutter, the guy behind the YouTube channel Rapture Records transferred 30-second samples of songs that can be played almost like vinyl. Because a record needle transfers any sort of pattern into vibrations, these songs can be played as long as the tortilla is relatively dry. Still, one question remains left to be answered: Can you eat this tortilla? According to Rapture, yes: The video shows them taking a bite out of their musical flatbread.

To watch the video, please click here.

Key Observations

  • EdiPulse gamifies exercise by combining 3D printing with wearables. They blur the boundaries between the snack and work-out fields. While representing physical activity data through the use of edible materials may not be the future, it could inspire the food and the game industry to open their boundaries and use new technologies they were not thinking of.
  • Similarly to the Heineken GPS bottle whereby they didn’t rely on visitors finding them, this campaign from the tourism board of Graubünden has approached people in a similar way, physically bringing visitors to the area. They have effectively used digital technologies to raise awareness and encourage more visitors in a friendly and inviting way using the element of surprise with a live billboard showing people what they could be experiencing should they choose to interact. The fact that they could actually meet the man they had been talking to through the screen gives the whole campaign a more personal feel. It is another campaign which shows how physical and digital have successfully worked together with a great outcome.
  • Creating a successful piece of viral content is, of course, one of the ultimate aspirations of any digital marketer. High reach and engagement with no media cost, what is not to love? The music playing tortilla is a good example of how food products can be used in unexpected, innovative ways. The surprise of seeing a Tortilla as a functioning LP was enough to make the video go their rounds on the internet.


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