Isobar Weekly Inspiration Issue 16

Amazon to start fresh-grocery delivery in London


Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has long has an online grocery delivery service in the US but has been slow to launch in other markets. However, now there are hints that the next big market could be London.

According to the Guardian, Amazon leased an old Tesco warehouse in the suburb of Weybridge, an ideal location for delivering groceries across the Capital city. And rumors are swirling that they could launch in London as early as September. Famed for its disruptive and innovative retailing, this fresh move could signal excitement for customers, but more tricky times ahead for the UK’s troubled grocery sector. It does seem like bad timing for the big four retailers as their customers are getting increasingly used to shop around, adding the convenience of online to their repertoires.

McDonald’s Billboard Gives Out McFlurries To The Weary Passer-By


McDonald’s in the Netherlands and outdoor ad company JCDecaux have teamed up to create a billboard with heat-sensitive panelling. The unique billboard would only open when the sun warmed the heat sensitive panel and temperatures reached over 101.48°F revealing 100 free McFlurry cups to eager waiting customers. Passer-by could then grab a cup and take it to the local McDonald’s in order to redeem the free McFlurry of their choice!

Watch the campaign in action here.

Simplifying Payment With The Starbucks Phone Case


After the launch of a mobile app and a card, Starbucks continues promoting its contactless services. They partnered with Uniform Experiment, a men’s closing brand based in Japan, to release a touch phone case. NFC technology enables to order and purchase your favourite drink automatically with a simple tap.

The case is available to purchase in two different designs. They both look like a take away Starbucks coffee cup with brown sleeve. The first is white and the second is less classic and more colourfully abstract.

16-starbucks colour

Available August 3 in Japan, the case is being distributed in two stores for $35. Starbucks has not communicated about a possible launch in other markets. You can discover more about it here.


Key observations:

  • What is really exciting about Amazon Fresh is that it offers new and compelling benefits for the UK customers. In the US, subscribers can access same day deliveries, unattended deliveries (so you don’t need to wait at home for your shopping) and food delivered from local restaurants, alongside the more standard ‘spuds and carrots’ part of the weekly grocery shop. As the moment of purchase moves from bricks and mortar to online, the digital customer journey will become increasingly important, especially in communicating directly to parents in digital.
  • McDonald’s and JCDecaux have found a way of combining the physical and digital environment to engage with customers. They are using the billboard almost like a vending machine in order to entice customers to their restaurants. By only allowing the billboard to open once it is hot enough it creates a sense of anticipation and excitement, enabling the consumer to truly interact with the brand before even entering the restaurant.
  • Fashion meets convenience in this accessory that aims to make the purchase experience flowing better. As a retailer, it matters to simplify order and payment processes. It’s all about finding a way to solve long customer lines. It’s interesting to see they moved from card and app to a NFC technology integrated smartphone protection. Starbucks proposes a double service here: protecting your phone while simplify the purchase process at the same time.

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