Isobar Weekly Inspiration Issue 17

SAB Miller’s interactive print ads


Here’s a nice print-ad + mobile play powered by the LED light on your SmartPhone, with SAB Miller Peru’s Abraxas Ad that gives the paper ad an extra dimension.

Rather than featuring a page printed in vivid colours, the magazine ad is all black, challenging viewers to use their smartphones to decipher a hidden message. Using the LED light that comes from a phone, users must run the light that comes from the device below the ad page, revealing a story on SAB Miller’s Abraxas. 17-sabmagWhat makes this interactive magazine ad so genius is that it drives engagement without requiring consumers to download an app or visit an external website for additional information? This style of covert marketing instantly rewards consumers who have the patience to explore the unusual.

Mobile shopping app suggests weather-specific products

17-everlaneEverlane’s new mobile app caters to sartorially conscious customers by incorporating the local temperature and weather conditions into their shopping experience. Everlane is an online retailer known for its affordable basics and focus on transparency, (it even shows production costs alongside retail prices on its site). Everlane has now launched an e-commerce app that integrates weather data and a “Dress For Today” functionality. Taking data from the users´ location, temperature and weather conditions, the app will then recommend items to wear or buy that day.17-everlane2

Munchery proposes that you enjoy your meal with the right playlist 17-munchery

Munchery is a San Francisco based company, which is specialised in high quality meal delivery services and work with professional local chefs. For every order placed, the company feeds a person in need through a local food bank.

With Google Play, they have entered a unique partnership to pair music and meals. “Taste and sound both have a special way of bringing people together, so it felt natural to connect them in one simple, fun experience,” said company vice president of food Nicolas Bernadi in a press release.

For example, if you’d like to savour a charcuterie plate, it’s advised to do so while listening to the “Coffee Shop Indie Radio” playlist. If you’d be more tempted by mac and cheese, you’d be directed to the “Happy Hour Country Radio” playlist.

The day’s meal and music selection are displayed on the company’s website, mobile apps, and in its daily menu emails. You can find out more about it here.17-munchery2It’s not the first time that Munchery partnered with a tech company. Last year, they worked with Jawbone to offer the possibility to track nutritional data.

Key Observations:

  • Driving engagement with print ads is one of the fundamental challenges of the advertisement discipline. Since the advent of the smart phone, a lot (most?) brands have sought to drive engagement in print through QR codes. Unfortunately, very few users have a QR reader downloaded to their device, and even fewer use it. The Abraxas ad serves as inspiration for out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to using mobile devices to enhance print communications.
  • As customers increasingly want a more personalised service from their shopping experience and mobile shopping apps are continuing to rise in popularity, more retailers are incorporating personalised features into their mobile shopping apps. However, rather than simply building a mobile-friendly version of their e-commerce site, Everlane caters to style-conscious customers by incorporating the weather — an essential factor to their daily sartorial decisions — into the shopping experience as a way to set themselves apart from other retailers and speak to the customer and their daily needs.
  • It has been proved that there is a connection between sound and taste. Some sound can actually enhance specific favours. It was a good opportunity to offer more than dinner. The moment of food consumption is being challenged nowadays. However, it remains true to the majority that meals are meant to be enjoyed. Munchery makes the dining experience more entertaining.


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