Isobar Weekly Inspiration Issue 18

Listening to music through…your elbows18-kfcKFC has found a new way of attracting a new customer group to their Willows Branch in South Africa through a unique offering. Customers to the branch could enjoy a KFC meal while sitting at one of their ‘record tables’. Diners simply had to place their elbows on the table and cup their ears, and the music from local artists would be delivered to them via bone conduction. KFC has also partnered with local artists to help design illustrations for their tables, indicating what kind of music will be playing at that table. Using their mobile phones through the sound board also gave them added access to information about the artists as well as allowing them to share the music through social media.18-kfc2

You can watch the campaign in action here.

Old Spice Instagram Adventure

18-oldspiceA bottle of Old Spice body wash leads to some curious tales in this new Instagram Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game. One black-and-white image, drawn in classic comic-book style and depicting a beleaguered who mysteriously awakes in a cave is the portal to a tale of (possibly) devious robots, sultry hook-ups or gladiator fighting with some mean-looking space beasts. The lead-in reads: “You awaken in a dark cave. In the distance you see a faint light, in front of you is an open bottle of Old Spice body wash. Go toward the light — maybe it’s a way out? Grab the Old Spice? Tap image once to use tags to navigate.”

Uber an Icecream


On Friday 24 July, Uber partnered with Wall’s in the UK, and various other partners in 58 countries, to deliver ice cream to users of the app, announcing #UberIceCreamDay on its blog:

“Consider this your chance to bring some childhood magic to your Friday afternoon. This Friday, for one day only, we’ll be delivering a taste of summer (like they used to make it) with our friends at Wall’s. We’ll be bringing you your very own ice cream parlour on demand – completely free – with a little sprinkling of nostalgia.”

#UberIceCream was trending worldwide on Twitter, with some happily posting photographs with ice-cream, but many grumbling about the lack of ice-cream on the road.

This was the fourth #UberIceCream day, though during last year’s attempt the firm had more luck with the British weather – it was the hottest day of the year with temperatures as high as 31C according to the Guardian.

Key observations:

The idea of delivering audio via bone conduction isn’t new, but to see a restaurant such as KFC attempt such an experiment is interesting. They have created a truly interactive eating experience, jumping on the trend of turning digital experiences into physical ones which not only shows them promoting local talent but also encourages a new customer segment.

Instead of focussing on the crux of their business, food, they have decided to concentrate on making KFC a social hub, encouraging people to relax and enjoy the music. They are also showing that they care about the customer by tailoring to different music tastes. By creating this different environment it might inspire people to spend longer in the restaurant, and the longer people spend time there the more likely there are to spend more on food and drink!

Old Spice demonstrates that innovation and a bit of humour can take you a long way with this simple, yet engaging Instagram concept. At the same time, it is an effective way of gamifying Instagram in order to reach a broader audience without paying the relatively high fees that paid posts demand on the visual platform. And it makes for compelling content that can be redistributed across the other social channels.

Uber is a company that often finds itself in less-than-flattering headlines. With this ice cream offer, they’re hoping to score some goodwill amongst the general population whilst enticing new prospects to download their app. In a way, it is the in-pack promotion of the 21st century disruptor brand. Perhaps this stunt can serve as inspiration for new ways to delivery the added value of the in-pack promotions through partnerships with brands from completely different sectors rather than toy gifts.

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