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Can our brains help us shop more smartly?

To find out, we’ve created a virtual reality e-commerce solution and hooked it up to an Emotiv EEG reader. By monitoring people’s brain activity while they are watching a catwalk show we can identify which items affect them on a subliminal level and add those to their wishlist.


Starting with existing VR footage of a catwalk show we’ve created a lightweight prototype to test our theory. By connecting the Emotiv EEG reader to let users to choose items from the catwalk based on their brain activity. High levels of interest and engagement were used to identify the ‘most loved’ items.

To complete the experience we’ve designed a wishlist and basket running on the demandware platform to simulate the shopping journey.



We were interested to see if our neural readings added the same things that people expected having watched the catwalk show, and if neural VR could be an effective and engaging way to shop.

Based on this experiment we have learned that current EEG readers are not accurate enough to be used commercially – but that VR shopping on its own has potential to bring the online and physical retail worlds closer together. We’ve updated the prototype to allow shoppers to buy straight from the VR .



More than fashion

Imagine a VR supermarket where shopping online feels like browsing a real shop – with all the potential for serendipitous discovery of a real store.

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